and prim fo▓r the last half-hour, thinkin
tle fox, prepared with a bri

le● by her cousin, and Lady Emily ●half smiled. “And there’s my fat●her in a complete fever fearing that his bl●ooming little niece had been carrie▓d off, or ea

b▓e to wa
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ten up by one of the wild m●en or monsters

of the mountains, and threaten●ing to search for her himself, directly af

▓ter breakfast.” “Thank you, my dear,

k●ind uncle,” replied Annie, gaily, ▓bending over Lord Ennerdale to

kiss● his forehead.“Never be anxious abou

t me.●I have suffered no further inconvenie●nce than extreme hunger, which I s

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atisfied at N●anny’s cottage, by a slice of her brown bread ▓and a cup of warm milk.No romance in that, L▓ord St.Clair, at least.” “A fortunate o●ccurre

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rd off the

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begin.” “N▓o, I thank you, Henry; I nev▓er give lectures, even when deserv●ed, in public,” was his sister 癔s quiet reply. “Well, the offence▓ brings with it its own

punishment, fo●r here come the contents of the postman’s bag,▓ and so a truce to our sage con●verse; and you, Miss Annie, must eat you▓r breakfast in meditative silence.” “O●r in perusing what she

weight of